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Loading Carts with Hygienic Design


Tailor-made design ensures optimal cleaning results

Cleaning results without spray shadows which can be validated are only achievable using loading carts engineered and designed specifically for the individual parts to clean. The parts to clean have to be mapped, measured and finally transfered into a 3D model. By 3D modelling of the rack which holds the parts for washing (loading cart) an appropriate design can be specified that takes also into account ergonomic aspects for loading. Like all wetted components of the washer the loading cart needs to respect the requirements of the hygienic design as well:

  • Fixed nozzles or rotation nozzles for interior cleaning of hollow parts
  • Flange for connection of interior cleaning system to pipe system
  • Round material, less weld seams
  • Dead leg free, crevice free, no angle plates, all surfaces inclined
  • Surface roughness and material similar to washing chamber
  • Rollers made of FDA compliant  plastics