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Innovation in GMP Compliant Cleaning Technology

PCC TechnikrackOur washer are characterized by outstanding developments, making the cleaning process more efficient:

  • MÜLLER® Radial Sealing Technology:
    Easy replacement of seal
  • MÜLLER® Clean Tank Design:
    Cutting-edge hygienic design
  • MÜLLER® Flex Filling:
    Adjustable tank filling level
  • MÜLLER® Hydro Coupling:
    Internal cleaning with higher water pressure
  • MÜLLER® Clean Sensors:
    EHEDG compliant flush-to-wall installed sensors
  • MÜLLER® Direct Dosing:
    Detergent dosing directly into media inlet pipe
  • MÜLLER® Pulsation Rinsing:
    Final rinse with lower WFI consumption
  • MÜLLER® Inline Heating:
    Heating & drying with flow heater
  • MÜLLER® Thermal Disinfection:
    Prevents microbial growth
  • MÜLLER® High Performance Drying:
    Fast drying due to reinforced blow-out using side channel blower
  • MÜLLER® Dynamic Flow Chart:
    Process visualization (PID) at HMI

Since some of these technologies became already market standard there are more and imitated by other suppliers. However, our experience from more than 150 running field installations and results of further development cannot be copied. That is why Müller will stay leading supplier for GMP washers.